Thank you for your interest in Pro Sports Intangibles, LLC.
Pro Sport Intangibles, LLC was established to assist athletes with
the “little things” that crop up with you and your significant other, or family, on a daily basis and deal with it quickly and confidentially so you can play your game with no worries.  Our goal at Pro Sports Intangibles is to ensure that you have a smooth transition to living in your new market and to become an effective player for your organization.   
We have over 18 years in minor league hockey administration and consulted with many professional players for this website.  We realize that there are so many issues to deal within your life off the ice during the season, that if not dealt with swiftly, can eventually turn into a problem down the road.  We realize that most minor and major league staffs do not necessarily have the manpower to devote to insure that you start your new life in your new city on the right foot. 
You will notice that our website is FREE but is password protected to not only protect your privacy but to share thoughts and recommendations with our professional players and their families.
We hope you consider Pro Sports Intangibles, LLC a viable asset to your profession.  We think that you will find that our services will not only give you peace of mind, but make you feel like you are part of the family. 
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